Golden Opportunity for Musicians, Lyricists and Singers

Golden Opportunity for Musicians, Lyricists and Singers

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7 Reasons for Fear of Filmmaking: Are you Managing it Right?

7 Reasons for Fear of Filmmaking: Are you Managing it Right?

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  Film Production Services

Everyone wants to make films but very few actually try and rarely a film production house becomes successful and this is a case study in itself. Basically fear of failure in filmmaking is the big reason why many either do not start making films or fail to try again after their first attempt buckled.

Now this is really odd as many people are extremely passionate and interested in filmmaking but after making some kind of efforts towards their first film, TV serial, short film or documentary, most of the time they end up complaining that filmmaking is a terrible business since their attempts have some way turned into a fiasco. On this tendency people from different film industries of different countries may have various opinions but in terms of Indian film industry there are multiple reasons why aspiring indie filmmakers or new producers fear filmmaking.

  1. Filmmaking is bad in terms of business: Many people either have this mindset that filmmaking is a bad business from start or they end up making it when they go through financial losses in their attempts of starting a film production company nonetheless it is not correct. It is important to note that regular producers and established film production houses never go into any kind of monetary losses even if their films fail at the box office. They remain popular and sought after production studios.
  2. It is impossible for new producers to be successful: With fruitless efforts all inevitably get the feeling that it is only large-sized production houses that make money in filmmaking business and it is impossible for new producers to be successful. But there are several examples such as Bheja Fry, Khosla ka Ghosla, A Wednesday, Tanu Weds Manu and Ship of Theseus that went on to prove that films made by new producers or indie filmmakers can do exceptionally well.
  3. It is not required to hunt or get support of established banner or production house to make your dream project considering all the above films were made by first time producers and still went on to become extremely successful films both commercially in terms of box office revenues and critical appreciation.
  4. First attempt went over budget: This is the principal reason why first time producers or independent filmmakers do not even want to endeavor making movies as their first attempt went over-budget. After which either they were unable to arrange money for completing the film or it was incoherently finished so did not get a release. Even if released it went into unmanageable financial losses.
  5. The hard fact of Indian film industry is that every year 1000 films go under production, most of them are from some kind of new producers or independent filmmakers but only 300films find a release. There is a huge backlog of unreleased films and incomplete movies that are either stuck in production hassles or are poorly done. Interestingly established film production houses whether they make a big-budget or a small budget film they never allow it to go over budget.
  6. They may have lot of resources but still they do reverse budget which means that in terms of film’s concept they calculate the possible revenues that can be earned. They can keep small budget for a movie and ensure that film does not go over it so when released they are satisfied in terms of earnings and profit margin of the film.
  7. Uncertainty in terms of profit or loss: As your film projects start going over-budget and difficult to manage money-wise you feel that film business has lot of uncertainty. But then successful Bollywood players and film production houses have not only learned to manage their fears but have succeeded in moments of these uncertainties. They are also able to recover the money spent on their flop films by selling it through variety of mediums.
  8. Most beginner producers are not clear about how to create a strategy of earning appropriate monetary returns from the film they are attempting to make and consequent financial losses break their spirit and passion for filmmaking.
  9. Managing the Unprofessional crew: Indie filmmakers tend to wear the producers cap themselves while getting their friends and relatives to make up for the production staff of the film. Most of these helpers are amateurish and unskilled in filmmaking hence they tend to get hassled as and when film production runs into unexpected problems which are common during making of a film.
  10. For instance a film may need 100 to 300 people for the shoot and managing this crowd of artist and technician needs experience. If you still go with an inexpert production staff your film will go over-budget as the shoot will not finish on the days planned for it or within the time frame due to inconsistency of hit and trial method. As soon as the film gets over-timed you will start struggling in dual difficulties of arranging extra-money and getting dates from a large crew for completing the shoot.
  11. The Process of filmmaking is multifarious: Novice filmmakers are unsure about how to plan making a film. The major difficulty is in getting a proper team and selecting the right script, cast and crew. Most people just have vague ideas of stories and visuals typically created from the films they have watched. Thus the information or familiarity with what goes behind the camera is extremely inadequate.
  12. Some enthusiastic film fanatics do start making a film but many times when they are in the middle of the project they realize that they are unable to resolve the unpredictable element of filmmaking. With this kind of experiences they start fearing the entire process of filmmaking itself.
  13. Not Hiring a proper Consultant to help establish film studio: Most new producers or filmmakers just hire some kind of film industry person such as an inept Director, Writer or Cinematographer, to whom no established production house may be giving work so is sitting idle. After hiring such an incapable person they expect that the film would be made successfully with his or her guidance.
  14. This approach is responsible for failure of most new film production companies and independent filmmakers. It is a surprise that in all other businesses while starting a new venture, entrepreneurs or businessmen hire a professional consultant. But they do not adopt this approach in terms of filmmaking which includes people who come from business background and this is what creates both confusion and fear.
  15. The risks involved in filmmaking venture are high so you not only need a professional consultant but a reliable enterprise that can provide guidance in terms of establishing a successful film production company.

To make your dream films and achieve your filmmaking goals both in terms of appreciation and earnings you should have a professional and business approach in managing fears to ensure that you do not get debilitated by it. Otherwise you would spend your entire life talking about filmmaking and growing old wondering how Bollywood production companies manage one after the other films and TV serials while you are not able to complete even one. Joinfilms offers professional consulting services to new producers through their film production service. With this service Joinfilms promises to complete your film project within you budget and timeframe with concrete strategy for achieving results. You can take the benefit of this service to manage your fears of filmmaking.


Joinfilms Film Production Service Makes Filmmaking Dreams Come True For All

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  Film Production Services

Immensely successful film production service by Joinfilms has made filmmaking dreams of independent filmmakers a reality. The service has reached the landmark of getting five projects done for struggling makers from diverse backgrounds.

Mumbai, Maharashtra – Joinfilms have reached a landmark with its unique vision of creating a film production platform for indie filmmakers and struggling new film producers where they can complete their films without going through severe hardships through an end to end and one of its kind exclusive service in India, the “Complete film production service’’.

Everyone is attracted to films and many of us aspire to make a short film, documentary and feature film for cinema halls or a T.V serial. Sometimes our own near and dear ones in family, relatives or friends, keep on coming up with ideas of making films while saying, “I want to try making films at least once in my life”. But all such novices get stuck as they don’t know how to get into Bollywood and tools at home such as mobile camera or other equipment are insufficient for a serious filmmaking plan. Then the inevitable thought is that filmmaking is all about having large sum of money but even that is wrong as the brutal fact is that many people with big bag of money but no production skills may end up getting robbed as film industry is full of menacing people who show dreams to con. Your documentary or short film released on Youtube may get maximum views of few 100 or 1000 people from personal contacts list. Channels may not take your idea or script of TV serial due to your poor production know-how.

Your entire experience of making first film can easily turn into a big fiasco and you would not want to make any film again but still wonder the rest of your life how do big banners and production houses operate to make one after the other successful or profitable films and T.V serials. The startling fact is that every year in India collectively up to INR100 crores of investment by new film companies, beginner producers and filmmakers is totally wasted which is the kind of money that could have fulfilled someone’s dreams. Joinfilms believes no one should go through such a demoralizing financial loss as it is also a loss of creative talent, ideas and passion.

The actual problem is that most new producers do not know that being a film producer is a skilled job. A practiced producer will synchronize the concept, budget the film correctly so it doesn’t land in monetary crunch and bring in the best team with expert technical crew to complete the film successfully. These basic and important things are overlooked by indie filmmakers cum directors and new companies. The acute difficulties, grievances and financial losses of most such filmmakers inspired Joinfilms to create one of its kind matchless service designed only to help them, the Complete film production service.

To put it in simple language it is a service in which as an independent filmmaker or a beginner film producer you will get all possible assistance to make the film within your budget. Starting from story development till the point of marketing and release of film along with all the crew required. Anyone can bring in or choose concept and people as per their preference while all the technical and practical aspect of filmmaking will be handled in an absolutely professional and organized manner which will guarantee some kind of positive result in the end. You may get excellent viewership even if it is only a web release and appreciation for your first effort in filmmaking so that you can continue with your journey and plan your next film. The service promises a pleasant filmmaking experience for novices instead of bitter incidents. Joinfilms also protects your copyrights over the film legally with proper documentation.

Joinfilms mentor and brain behind this matchless service, Mr Virendra Rathore says, “Most film fanatics and everyone else somehow tend to think that a limited or a film has to be made with a crew of new comers, friends and relatives but we strongly believe that a limited budget film has to be made with experienced crew only. Particularly the technical crew such as DOP, writer, director, editor and other production staff has to be a veteran and an absolute professional. Then only the film can be completed in fixed time line, with-in the limit of the budget and still achieve quality that you will not only be satisfied but proud of your first film instead of getting frustrated and sad by the experience. The service ensures that everyone gets benefitted after filmmaking is complete.” Some of the undertakings by Joinfilms taken specifically for new producers and Indie filmmakers are listed here-

  1. A Hollywood Independent filmmaker Mike Keller made his English language thriller Red Gold under this service and the film not only got selected at film festivals but was also awarded Best Thriller award in Manhattan film festival.
  2. Vijay Sharma created episode for his first TV serial ‘Roshni’ for Doordarshan.
  3. Manisha Gupta made TV show episode for Doordarshan TV serial ‘Zindgi teri meri kahani hai’
  4. Avdhesh Kumar hired this service of Joinfilms for making his first Hindi feature film independently. The film has been titled ‘Sunday Night’ and is presently in marketing and post production stage.
  5. Writer /producer, Deepak Ramteke has made his first short film ‘Bina chehre ka doctor’ under Joinfilms management. The film on the subject of acid attack is specifically made for festival and Youtube release.

The way this service has worked for all new producers and makers, it proves that filmmaking cannot happen through hit and trial method as it involves a huge sum of money while an inexpert producer needs a mentor and guidance in all areas of filmmaking to go through all steps and process. Joinfilms does not only take care of the entire chain of activities but ensures your dream film gets made in a set timeline and budget with a competent team of artists and crew. To know more about this watch what Bollywood celebs, Adi Irani and Shiva Randani have to say about the film production service. Anyone or everyone who is interested in investing or want to make a film for cinema halls or youtube release can take advantage of this service as they will be surely benefited by professional approach of Joinfilms.

About Join films

Joinfilms is a concept web portal ( that provides a platform or place where novices and media industry professionals can come together to benefit from each other creatively. It has been noteworthy in terms of providing guidance to all for making a successful career in media industry. Join films has created unique services and aims to create considerable value for aspirants and strugglers, who are looking for their big break in media and films, by not only giving but generating more opportunities.  We are committed to provide exceptional support and services to compelling talents hidden across India and address their key concerns.

Join films thinks of a media world that anyone from anywhere can join.

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Write the Catchy One Line Concept or Theme to Sell Your First Script

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  Script Writing

This is first of the five-part article where each point of scriptwriting will be discussed in detail. The first step in scriptwriting, when you start writing your script or when you go out in the market to sell the script, is considered to be defining the concept or theme of the film in one sentence.

Most industry people understand it as script in one line that not only describes your film story but also the underlying current of it, origin of everything or what exactly your characters want at the fundamental root of their soul. For your convenience you can simply call it theme of the film. Theme lends meaning to the plot events, engages audience emotionally and also gives the story a kind of resonance that it will be remembered forever.

For instance concept behind, Udta Punjab is growing drug menace in Punjab which is both attractive theme and powerful pitch. Another example can be Bajrangi Bhaijaan with an interesting story of a little girl from Pakistan getting lost in India and a devout person, Bajrangi, from a conflicting religion making her return to home safely the most important task of his life. So the theme of the film was a question- Are we truly religious and believe in God guiding our life all time when we declare we do and what is the actual meaning of being religious or humane?

Why is it Important to Define Concept or Theme

First writing theme helps you a lot in pitching your film to production houses and selling your script. When you walk into a pitch meeting and lead the pitch with a powerful and thought provoking sentence (like the ones mentioned in above examples) any producer or celebrity would want to hear more about your script as these lines create an emotional connect both with the reader of the script and viewer of the film. It can generate interest; get you a chance of script narration or story can get picked for making film if the script is really good and narration exciting. A theme is often missing in several film scripts which can leave filmmakers dissatisfied even if it was a different story with compelling characters.

How to Create the Theme or Pitch for Your story

The concept in one line or theme is the larger, human idea behind your screenplay or story and writing theme is about finding that humanistic notion. It can be the actual idea that inspired you to write the story and now you can focus on articulating it. Only a writer knows why he or she wants to tell a story. Theme is part of character exploration, rooted in the character’s primary goal and goes till the primary conflict. Theme and conflict are technically linked but a pitch or theme works if it is more indirect. This is different from what you always hear like just tell your idea directly. New approach is creating universal play field so that you, your potential producers, stars etc. are together on a larger common viewpoint.

Is it Absolute Necessity to have a theme for the script?

Theme can be one of the most important parts of a good screenplay but if it is too much on face your script can feel too messagey, boring and heavy. There is no such absolute necessity to have theme where the film is only about entertainment and not about discovering some life secret such as a song-dance-action routine can go without message and at such times you may not use theme. For pitching script theme is considered an advantage so if you are struggling you may need it but it is possible that a producer or a writer does not want to say something through filmmaking.

A lot of people including filmmakers are against the idea of others trying to tell what they should think which applies to movies. They like to be presented with a story instead of a serious message and want to be allowed to draw their own conclusions. So a writer has to remain careful about stressing too much on theme while interacting with such people or filmmakers.

script writing course


5 Important Parts of a Film Script and the Conjecture Behind It

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  Script Writing

It has been mentioned time and again that script has to be properly formatted so that it can be pitched right while selling to production houses in the film industry. Your script needs this format as it not only expresses your ideas correctly but also inspires a producer to go ahead and make film on your script.

There are five significant points about formatting a script however it is interesting to note that there is no strictly defined or industry accepted standard term for these five parts. Every film industry or every production house can understand this by a separate hypothesis and every producer can refer to it by a different term. But only for the convenience of understanding for the beginners, I have broadly classified a script into the below mentioned five parts-

  1. Broad Concept in One sentence or theme of the film:

It is basically defining your script in one strong, interesting and path-breaking sentence. Writing theme helps you a lot in pitching your film to film-makers and selling your script as the first question everyone asks you will be what your script is all about. The power in the first line or sentence that you will speak about concept of the film will create the required interest in the script so that the producer or your prospective client may get inspired to hear the full story or the script of your film.

  1. Logline or Synopsis of the film:

Some film producers may refer to it as short summary, synopsis or even one linear of the film. It is mostly written in one paragraph and elaborates the concept or theme of the film as while selling your script the second question to you will be what you actually mean by the line that you have said is the concept of the film. Hence it is better to write elaboration of your theme in ten sentences minimum and read it or explain it when asked to do so. Basically this short summary will also give impetus or second drive required to make your narration engaging and thrilling to filmmakers.

  1. Story of the film:

It is 2-5 page narrative and plot of the film however some producers may refer to it as long synopsis, summary or one line story of the film. Essentially story is a brief narrative of the film which does not include dialogues but may include punch lines along with all parts of the story written as an outline. Plot is logically different from story as it is clearly divided into 2, 3 or more acts and defines the flow of narration of the story in the film. Once again vocabulary remains disputable here as well considering story and plot are used interchangeably or may mean just one thing for different producers.

script writing course

  1. Screenplay:

Literally everything you see visually while watching a movie is included in the screenplay which is sometimes also known as the actual script of the film. The major difference is that screenplay will also include the detailed information covering the visual aspects of film but script (being a much simpler version of it), is a text that everyone reads before signing a movie. The imagery and characters of the script do the convincing part to encourage the entire cast and crew. When they all agree to do the film your script is then modified into a screenplay.

  1. Dialogue:

It is a conversation between two or more people in the film including the character talking to his own-self and a voiceover in a movie is also known as dialogue. Interestingly Bollywood and all other Indian film industries have a clear distinction here as they use separate dialogue and screenplay writers who can either be the same person or completely different from original scriptwriter.

I believe that the variety of terms used in screenwriting is not critical here. You are good to go simply by knowing different terms and understanding how they are referred by different producers. The most important objective is to understand the idea behind these five separate parts of the script and what exactly each of these five parts should constitute. Hence I will elaborate each of these parts with their significance to your script in my subsequent blogs. So Happy reading….


How to Enter in Bollywood – Learn Most Important Points

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  Acting Audition

Everyone knows that getting into Bollywood and becoming a successful actor is not going to be a cakewalk for any kind of actor. Sometimes it looks that star children have it easy but they also have to go through different kind of struggles. So how do you achieve your dream that looks so impossible?

Though most of the things like attending acting school, workshop and auditions with modeling and networking are well known but many a times in spite of knowing all this you feel stuck. Here are some of the most important points about struggling in Bollywood that have not been discussed before. I hope it will ease your difficulties and help you build right attitude towards struggle in the acting field.

Never be Insecure About Your Looks and Age

Bollywood recruits all kinds of actors from the age of 1-day old baby to even a 100year old person including actors of all sizes and shapes as per the demand of the film. Hence there is no need to be insecure about your looks thinking that you are short with less height, you are gaining weight, you have to be a body builder or maintain zero-figure or you should be only sweet sixteen to become a heroine. All these things are myths created by media for promoting and marketing their favorite stars. Many times celebrities themselves pay for these marketing campaigns highlighting their commitment to a film.

Read: How to Join Film Industry

But film industry has no such prejudices about looks, height, weight and age as casting in a film happens as per the demand of the story and the character. Sometimes if there is a specific requirement in terms of character’s look then you are informed and given time to change your look as per character. Knowing this if you will be insecure about your looks from the start then you won’t remain confident when you give audition. Therefore first principle is drop all kind of worries about looks and age except take good care of your natural beauty in body, eyes and skin as acting is a performing art, so you have to appear pleasant, effective and confident in front of camera in all situations and characters.

Stay Focused Without Making a Compromise that Makes you Uncomfortable

Casting couch, discrimination, favoritism and unholy nexus are hard facts of Indian film industries. This is going to happen to all struggling and aspiring actors at least once and it is common with actors who do not come from powerful filmy families. The best way to deal with it is to accept that these instances will happen and come to terms with it. The question is of course whether you want to do it. In this dilemma always go by your natural instinct on it. There is no need to make a compromise that your intuitions clearly say that you won’t be comfortable with. You can go for audition at other places and try again.

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Perhaps there will be situations when someone got selected due to favoritism or casting couch and you got rejected on unfair grounds but that also does not mean that you get apprehensive about your own choices and become a mindless sheep that jumps in the rat race by doing same things considering your initial feeling was against it. Remember an alternate choice is always there you just have to look for it with alert mind. If you force yourself to make a compromise against your own wish then your mind will get confused and you may end up losing your focus, confidence and belief in your own acting talent while becoming extremely frustrated and negative which will break your acting career in long run.

Remain Positive and Energetic at all Times

As discussed above there will be few bad experiences in your struggling period but most importantly even after such instances do not turn into a negative, complaining and nagging kind of person rather have genuine respect for everyone in the industry even for your arch enemies such as fellow struggling actors who are giving you competition, industry people whose method you did not like in the first meeting and probably have offended you. The logic is that all humans have right to make their own personal choices by their instincts and there is nothing wrong or right about making a certain choice.

When you remain positive and forgiving in all circumstances they may well change their attitude due to your humility and when they are convinced that you are talented enough to play a role possibly in their next film. I have experienced it personally that by building right attitude towards film industry your struggle to become an actor always ends positively. If you have queries on how to deal with difficult situations while struggling to become an actor you can write to me, post a comment or question.


Launching A Film Production House: Methods To Produce Your First Film

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  Film Production Services

You aspire to launch a film production house or studio and become a film producer. As you browse internet fervently you get information only to questions like how to become a film director, actor, musician or technician but you want to know how to invest in a film, as you are a person with bag of money saved only for your passion of cinema. The big question is what will you do in this case?

To begin with it is important to know that film producer is a specialized role which involves planning and coordinating various aspects of film production so it will not only utilize your money but also your time, talent and actual film production knowledge. In this case for someone, who aspires to become a film producer and aims to start a successful film production studio, getting into producing first film with limited technical know-how is challenging. You may end up losing your hard earned money due to high risks associated with filmmaking without gaining anything other than a bitter experience that your passion for cinema will see no meaning at all after sometime. So it is important to start right.

Get The Answers To All The Right Questions To Become Film Producer

Having bag of money will not be sufficient you will have to get answers to a list of these important questions before planning to become film producer.

  1. How do I get best script to produce my first film?
  2. How the locations needed booked for shooting?
  3. Where do I get cheap and the best crew?
  4. How many shooting days my script can really afford?
  5. What is “back into” a budget?
  6. How a reverse budget is created?
  7. What kind of shooting permits I would need?
  8. How do I get insurance for the production?
  9. What kind of post-production the script would need?
  10. How will I sell and distribute my film?
  11. How will I market my film?


Plan A Nano-Budget Film As Your First Feature Film

The beauty of micro-budget filmmaking is that it mitigates the obvious risks of filmmaking. Even if the film records slow performance at box office you can easily recover the money spent by other channels of showcasing film considering the budget was not too much at the first place. You can learn from the experience of your zero-budget film and take it into another better budgeted feature. It will be much easier to delegate work and resources for project two when you’ve got project one in the can successfully. Once your first film is made you have more than your passion, you have a product. It is said in the industry, the best time to finance your next movie is when you’re working on your first film.


Getting A Reliable And Knowledgeable Line Producer

If you have never really produced anything or only things like home videos than producing a feature film would be like climbing Mt. Everest. You will need an excellent line producer on the project who will breakdown everything and create the reverse budget which is extremely important for micro-budget films. A reverse budget means starting with a number in the beginning, lets say INR 10 lac, then creating a film that will fit into this budget. Traditional budgeting is certainly about making film based on the script and then deciding budget but a reverse budget is useful for your first film and will be created based on the top budget number. This technique basically allows you to take safe risks and create first few film projects of your production house on the funds you have available.

Join films is well known in the industry for offering this kind of specialized film production service to help new producers in making their film and launch their film production studio successfully by providing expert guidance and technical know-how in every area of filmmaking. Whatever is the budget you want to start with Joinfilms can help any kind of film producer not only in planning the production and achieve success with filmmaking but also in the launch of your dream film production studio.


Importance Of Narration To Sell Your Film Script

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  Film Production Services Script Writing

All screen-writers want to sell their script for filmmaking but Indian film industries put an additional demand of narrating script in terms of visuals before it can be selected.

Script narration in India can happen in front of filmmakers, producers, directors, actors, celebrities and trade specialists making it an extremely challenging task particularly for a novice screenwriter. However narration has remained a time-honored device in Bollywood and all other Indian film industries for oral communication of script. It is still considered to be the most important and effective method for communicating not only the story idea and your visuals but even your subject knowledge to the film production houses. Therefore, this method is extremely profitable for selling the script effectively.

Script Narration requires expertise different from writing skills

Narration aims at presenting your script through the medium of speech as a clear, interesting, colorful and ordered sequence of events, in such a way that the mind of all the listeners of your script can create the happenings of the story in their mind and imagination with an experience that can be recounted by them either as spectators or participators. The success of narration as a technique to sell the script completely depends upon the ability of the script narrator, the use of appropriate language and the way this narration is made fascinating.

Techniques for Selling Script with Successful Narration

To begin with any writer has to be the master of language and diction to make script narration attention-grabbing and effective. Proper gestures and dramatization will make narration extremely vivid and appealing. Without distorting the story much it is also important that every effort is made to adapt the narration to the mental conditioning of your listeners. Do not forget to follow the proper sequence of events as per your story to successfully create the right impression during the climax and the end of the narration.

Significance of Script Narration for Aspiring Screen-writers

Your listeners can be anyone from film production crew and from different departments of filmmaking such as executive producers, cinematographers, art designers, music directors or star celebrities. Most of these people are not avid readers so narration makes them understand the film visually. Further it guarantees some form of security to the script from plagiarism as it is not obligatory to share the final draft of the script with all members of the crew after the successful narration. As a method for selling your script, narration in itself when properly used is the most valuable technique that creates interest and enthusiasm in your script.

Script Narration is an art in itself which needs to be mastered by all aspiring film writers to sell themselves as a screenwriter and their script as the idea for filmmaking as many times writers who are excellent at writing can fail as they are not interesting script narrators.

Learn How to Write Narration Script Along with Script Writing for Hindi Movie

script writing course


Top 5 Casting Directors of Film Industry

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  Acting Audition

In pre-production of any kind of film, TV show or drama, selecting actors and the entire cast is one of the most important processes. Thus casting directors are unsung heroes of a film’s success and are just next to God for aspiring actors.

Casting is significant both for film and TV shows so it is not a surprise that film industry now has a specialized and much sort after job role of a casting director. Presently there are thousands of casting directors who are doing extremely well and there is also plenty of scope for casting directors in the industry. Here is the list of the top casting agents of Indian film and television industry. They are both selecting and recommending artists to leading production houses.

  1. Mukesh Chhabra: also known as Casting Chhabra is a name deeply respected in the industry. He has knack for not only identifying talent but also standing by them. He has launched several aspiring actors that eventually became big names like Rajkummar Rao, Sushant Singh Rajput and Amit Sadh. Though his first big break was in Imtiaz Ali’s Love Aaj Kal but he became famous due to his perfect casting in Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs Of Wasseypur. Presently he is casting for Aamir Khan’s wrestling film Dangal.
  2. Shanoo Sharma: Her first big break was in Karan Johar’s thriller film Kurbaan which got her noticed and now she is the famous head of casting department of Yashraj Films. She has several blockbusters like Dhoom 3Jab Tak Hai Jaan Ek Tha Tiger, Ishaqzaade, Band Baja Baaraat, Dum Laga Ke Haisha  etc to her credit.  Recently she has done casting for Karan Johar’s big ticket movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. After a decade into the business, she has given stars like Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor to Bollywood.
  3. Nandini Shrikent: She got noticed after she got a chance to cast for the war-film Lakshya where she did successful casting of 72 actors in the war set-up and after that there was no looking back. Her next few projects showcased the depth in her casting. Films such as Rock On!! Life of Pi, Student of the Year and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani established her as a celebrated name in casting.
  4. Praveen Tyagi: He is the well-known name when it comes to casting in TV shows. Praveen started as a freelance
    Pallavi Pandey Joinfilms

    Get casted like Pallavi Pandey who joined Acting Audition Workshop by Casting Director Praveen Tyagi –

    Casting Director and has worked on many TV projects in both reality and fiction category such as Splitsvilla, Captain Shack, Chat House, Truth Love Cash, in fiction Sadda Haq, Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani , Veera and many shows for Star Plus as he was in channel’s casting team. He has also casted for programs of Saregama, Idea Hub, Miloni Pictures, Rashmi Sharma Productions etc. Praveen Tyagi with friend Nitin Jain owns a talent management organization named Talent Hatz Entertainment. Currently he is casting for Savdhan Indiaand is working on several TV shows for major channels.

  5. Honey Trehan: He started with getting actors for Vishal Bhardwaj’s movies such as Maqbool,  Omkar and Kaminey. His first independent assignment as casting director was Delhi Belly. Recently he has been involved in the casting of films such as Detective Byomkesh Bakshi, Phantom and Raaes. Today his dreams are fulfilled and he is content with the way his career has shaped up as casting director.

To know about more casting directors you only have to browse the internet as with technology advancement it is actually easy to contact all of them. The best way to stay in touch is by sending details and portfolio on their Facebook Page or on the link given by them.

Why Most Screenplay writers Fail Check the Top 3 Reasons

Why Most Screenplay Writers Fail? Check the Top 3 Reasons

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  Script Writing

Most film industries including Bollywood have aspiring screenplay writers in every corner and every house but a majority of these aspirants are destined to fail at becoming a scriptwriter in the film industry and will not be getting any kind of break. So the important question to consider is what is the reason behind this fate of most aspiring scriptwriters? To begin with, it is interesting to note that most filmmakers and producers complaint that very few scripts submitted to them are strong enough for any kind of consideration.

The percentage of good scripts is even less than one percent and more than 99% of scripts fall in the category of extremely poor and dreadful. Thus industry people not only believe but have concluded that aspiring writers do not possess the talent required to write at a professional level. However, this assumption is incorrect.


The Screenplay Does not Tell a Story and Conflict

One of the most common failings of the scripts by aspiring screenwriters is that they lack proper structure, characterisation and gripping conflict to sustain momentum of the narrative in the way that the reader of the script or viewer of the film is fully engaged in the story. Characterization and conflict is like petrol without which your vehicle can not reach its destination and the actual reason why most scripts look dull from beginning or become boring after interval is because they don’t have this petrol. Read – How to Write Script – The Fascinating Two Act Structure of a Bollywood Script

Film Script is Not About Formulas and Copying

There is a difference between analyzing and considering what will work for film audience and writing script based on certain formulas. Most aspiring writers never realize this difference so they simply try to duplicate what other successful films have done. Writers are known to waste time and years in creating script after script in a chain of set rules and formulas, instead of training their mind to write a script with professional level conflict. Point to note is that copying has never helped anyone and there is no formula to script-writing. The Writers are known to waste time and years in creating script after script in a chain of set rules and formulas, instead of training their mind to write a script with professional level conflict. Point to note is that copying has never helped anyone and there is no formula to script-writing. The work around formula’s cannot fix the problem of no content in the story rather new problem get created such as screenplay looking completely unsurprising, out of date and forced.  Read – An Ultimate Easy Way to Learn Film Script Writing

Script Writers do not consider the Opinion of Well-wishers

Being egotistical is part of the personality of an artist and they actually need some amount of arrogance to be successful like a writer should never allow anyone to break the content of the script just because some trade pundit is against your good script. But if you show your script to someone even if he or she is your friend and they offer a constructive criticism do not ignore it outright. Sometimes you may not even agree but consider whether it will improve your script. Surround yourself with trustworthy friends who can kick you when you spend too much time on writing something that does not make any sense. It is important to know that if there’s no story and characterization people will neither read your script nor will watch your film and it applies to both documentaries as well as fictional films. Your judgment as a writer can get clouded so acknowledge the opinion of other people and be open to criticism but also maintain your originality and content.

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